Member Positions

Grant Fund Officer

The CICDA Grant Fund is a resource for students registered in the Faculty of Arts. This Grant Fund awards individuals and WLUSU registered Arts Clubs with financial support to fund educational and cultural projects that benefit students of the Faculty of Arts.  We need a student to represent each department in the Faculty of Arts to sit on the Council.  The time commitment is minimal: we hold 5 meetings during the whole academic year!

Events Team

Marketing Team

Blog Writer

Fundraising Liaison
In previous years we have failed to secure any substantial amount of support from businesses and the surrounding community for our projects. Therefore, CICDA is looking for 2 or 3 creative and energetic volunteers to help us raise funds during this school year. This position will require volunteers to work closely with CICDA’s VP of Finance in contacting businesses to discuss and set up funding programs for CICDA, as well planning and organizing fundraising events within the WLU campus. Volunteers will be free to organize and carry out their fundraising ideas; therefore we would like to hire people who want to acquire experience in carrying out projects for an organization. This is also a very good addition to your co-curricular record and a great way to get involved within the Faculty of Arts!

Executive Positions

VP Internal
VP External
VP Finance
VP Communications
VP Marketing
VP Events