Faculty Grants

The Project

CICDA strives to improve the academic lives of Arts students at Laurier. The Faculty Grants allow departments within the Faculty of Arts to receive additional funding to provide workshops, conferences and purchase extra equipment to enhance student’s learning experience.
This year CICDA will be awarding two Faculty Grants in both the Fall and Winter Terms. Each grant is worth $2,500.00.

Deadlines & Dates

October 30 – Application Deadline October 23
December 4 – Application Deadline November 27


Council will base their decision on the following three criteria:
• The potential benefit for Arts Students, in terms of improving their academic, professional and/or social lives while at Wilfrid Laurier University.
• Cost-Benefit analysis of the project
• The potential recognition this project will bring to the individual department and/or the Faculty of Arts.

This competition is open to all full-time and contract academic Arts faculty.

Please note that this process is highly competitive. Council reserves full right to decide the recipients of the grants.

The Process

1. Submit an online application.
2. Finalists will be selected by the CICDA team to present to the Council.
3. Presentation to the Council.
Please provide background information to the event or project you are requesting funding for, as well as a detailed budget breakdown.
4. You will have five minutes to present.
5. Council will have five minutes to ask questions to the presenter to gain a further understanding of the project.
5. Council will decide to whom to award funding.
7. Recipients will be notified within the following two weeks.

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