common reading program

The Project

The Common Reading Program is an initiative of the Faculty of Arts to target incoming students and begin the process of acculturating them to university life. In the program, one book nominated and chosen by the Laurier and local secondary school communities is sent to all incoming Faculty of Arts students in June. Students are asked to read the book before September and are invited to respond on an online blog with comments or questions.  Once they arrive on campus, the book is featured in orientation activities and various campus events including residence “book club” meetings facilitated by trained students, a faculty-led discussion, and author reading.  A contest for writing a response to the book is planned, and faculty members across various departments are encouraged to include the book or its related themes in their first-year courses. CICDA is a major sponsor on this project.


The Goals

  • Create a common experience for students
  • Develop a sense of community
  • Establish a focus for discussions and course-related activities
  • Ease the transition from high school to university
  • Promote a love of reading


The Book

Richard Wargamese – Indian Horse

Laurier’s Common Reading Program invites all students entering the Faculty of Arts in September 2013 to share a reading experience. Each student will receive a free copy of Richard Wagamese’s novel Indian Horse in the summer, will have a chance to discuss the book with their peers, and will be invited to participate in orientation events focused on the book.


Writing Contest

In one-page (max 250 words), tell us:

In the absence of family, how do you cope? Indian Horse tells the story of how Saul used means both beneficial and hurtful to himself to cope with life’s difficulties. What do you find helpful when you can’t rely on family?

1st Prize $75
2nd and 3rd prizes $50
in gift certificates
to Laurier Bookstore


CRP Writing Contest Entry Form 2013