march, 2014


Arts Advocacy EventEvent Organized By: CICDA and the English Department


Event Details

Are the Arts in crisis? What is the value of an Arts degree? CICDA, in collaboration with the Department of English and Film Studies will be holding an ARTS IN ACTION day on the Concourse, Thursday March 6 from 9:30-3:30.

Under pressure from parents, peers, and the media, students feel increasingly pressured to make educational choices directed towards success in a job market where precariousness rather than stability is now the norm in many occupations. In an environment where science, technology and business related studies seem to offer the prospect of stability and success, traditional Arts subjects and the skills they nurture no longer seem relevant or attractive as the basis on which to build career success and an enriched and fulfilling life. The purpose of the Arts in Action day is to challenge this new conventional wisdom, and highlight the importance and value that studying the Arts continue to provide in a rapidly changing world where narrowly focused skills can quickly find themselves obsolete. The Arts teach us not only skills for jobs, but also skills for life!

The day will include panels of faculty, students, and alumni leading discussion on topics ranging from the role of the arts in new emerging interdisciplinary fields to career paths for arts grads. It will also be a great opportunity for students to:

  • learn more about departments and programs in the Faculty of Arts
  • learn more about the many resources available to students (Career Services, Arts Advising, Writing Centre and more)
  • learn more about the exciting array of student clubs on campus


Arts in Action – Panels

1. 9:30-10:20 — Issues and Challenges: Are the Arts in Crisis?

Robin Waugh (Medieval Studies), Alexandra Zimmerman (Languages and Literatures), Carol Duncan (Religion and Culture), Chris Eaton (English)


2. 10:30-11:20 – The Cutting Edge: The Role of the Arts in Emerging Interdisciplinary Fields

Tim Donais  (Global Studies), Rebecca Godderis (Society, Culture and Environment), David Smith (History), Jenny Kerber (English and Film Studies)


3. 11: 12:15 — Career Services:  Marketing Your Transferable Skills – for Arts Students

Learn how to identify and articulate your strengths in a relevant and appealing way to potential employers.


4. 12:30-1:20 — Teaching is Not the Only Option: Talking Careers with Laurier Alumni

Luisa D’Amato (Journalist), Maeve Strathy (Development Officer), James Hrivak (Communications Officer, Manulife), Devyn Coady (Student at Law, Madorin, Snyder LLP Barristers & Solicitors), Craig Melow (ScotiaMcLeod)


5. 1:30-2:20 — Perspectives on the Arts from SBE and Science

Kim Morouney (Associate Dean, Business), Melissa Lee (MBA Candidate), Don Morgenson (Psychology), Stephen Preece (SBE)


6. 2:30-3:20 – Arts, Artists, and Campus Life

Tanis MacDonald (English/Poet), Colleen Murphy (Writer in Residence), Deborah MacLatchy (Vice President: Academic), Tom Ebeyer (CICDA President)



 Take advantage of the day to find out more about:

Departments and Programs in the Faculty of Arts and Laurier Brantford

Career Services

Student Clubs

Writing Centre

Arts Advising

Aboriginal Initiatives


All Day (Thursday)



WLU Waterloo


CICDA and the English Department

  • rob

    It is a shame this event is only being held at the Waterloo campus as a vast majority of the programs offered at the Brantford campus are arts programs. This is also an opportunity to highlight that there is no transportation being provided between the campuses in order for students from Laurier Brantford to attend. I myself would have loved to attend this event and would have made arrangements to attend, however I have a mid-term test and class all day. This would be the perfect event to put many students at ease and encourage them on their path to attaining a bachelors of arts degree. This may be the only comment, and a late one at that, but i hope it does not go unseen.

    • Roxi

      I absolutely agree! We are working on getting similar events to the Brantford campus.