nostalgia and greetings

Fellow Golden Hawks, Remember when you first came to Laurier? Did you have that empty feeling in your stomach? A million butterflies in it? Some of you may have been excited, hugging your parent’s goodbye as you began a new chapter of your life.

Every year, thousands of first years experience a roller coaster of emotions when starting University. For those returning, it’s a nostalgic feeling; another year gone and a new one to embrace. Your year may be filled with late nights of cramming for exams, or countless moments hanging out with your friends doing anything but homework. Homecoming weekend came so fast and ended too soon. I know you all had an incredible time staying golden. The spirit that our school embodies is really what makes it so great to be a Golden Hawk!

I am honoured to introduce myself as one of the new blog writers for CICDA. My name is Sarah and I am a third year student working on my double major in Global Studies and Sociology. After my undergrad here at Laurier, I am planning to attend law school. Wouldn’t it be nice to end up at a law school by an ocean? For now, I am enjoying my final years of my undergrad as a Golden Hawk. Keep checking this blog to stay informed about the Faculty of Arts events that are happening on campus! Remember that getting involved at Laurier is a way for you to meet new people and also a way to contribute to making our university a better place!


Stay golden my friends,